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My List of Links that will take you to the unknown, are you ready? Go!!

NEWS.. What happened Today??
My News page.. Stay on!
All Faiths Press
A comprehensive site about different existing religions..
Maghreb Online
All about the Maghreb, Africa and the Middle East.
My Rotary Exchange Experience in the U.S
My personal page about Rotary Exchange, and my year spent in Texas.
My cousin Faysal's Little Space
this takes you to my cousin's homepage. Try it!
Are you looking for that special friend? give it a try!
My Music Page( Still in Construction )!
Simply Music!!

@@   Welcome   to   Brahim's   Worldpage   @@

     Hi everybody. It's a small world 
 after all!. I'm a famous person 
 now that I have a Homepage! If you 
 really think about it, you can let 
 anybody know about you anywhere in 
 the world; Am I just being unclear?? :-)   
     Here is the story of my life. 
 When I was born, and as I was   
 growing up, I was always told 
 that my name is Brahim Benzakour, 
 and that I was born in 
 Casablanca, Morocco on March 1977.  
 Do I believe it? It doesn't matter since 
 you got the idea of who I am. 
 I'm currently attending Tomball 
 College in Houston, Texas. 
     I'm trying to narrow my interests 
 so that I can choose a major, 
 but apparently, I just happen to have 
 too many interests that I can't even 
 decide which one to choose. Anyway, 
 I have a lot to say about myself, 
 and about the world, and I enjoy 
 discussing social issues, 
 and arguing about human behavior, 
 in other words I like to think 
 about how people think. 
     Now that you know where to find me, 
 I advise you to visit more often as 
 I'm updating my homepage! What's 
 gonna be here? Just a lot of words, 
 pictures, in other words"Stuff" 
 that you might or might not need; 
 but the good thing about it is 
 that you never know what you'll 
 find or where, which makes it 
 more interesting as you browse in.  
 Come back soon!!

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